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Silver Night | Chaton & Spike Cut Crystals | Dangle Earrings

Silver Night | Chaton & Spike Cut Crystals | Dangle Earrings

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The crystals I use are the highest quality available on the market. These stones in particular are 8mm silver night chaton cut stones with a matching 18mm spike cut stone dangling underneath.

All earrings are made solely with 925 sterling silver metalwork . This keeps them safe for those with metal allergies. 

If you have any questions, big or small, please drop me a message and I will do my best to help!

Please note, all items have a 7 - 14 day processing times. This is due to all items being handmade by me, and worldwide shipping delays in the wake of COVID-19, both in terms of stock to me, and your finished product to you. Usually your ring will be shipped to you a lot faster than the above estimate, and if there are delays for any reason, I will absolutely keep you informed!
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